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M2 Schwinn Bike 1966 Corvette Yellow **NEW**

SKU: 5559999

What a time the 60’s and 70’s was for kids, no computers, no cell phones, no video games – a time when the youth were outside every minute possible.  Back then the first sense of freedom came from owning a bicycle – a time when children were idealizing muscle cars, drag racing and motorcycles.   It was 1963 when Schwinn introduced the original Sting-Ray, after the company realized their customers were spending time and money customizing bikes to emulate the look of motorcycles. The coolest most coveted of the Sting-Rays was the Krate model.   The Krate was to the Schwinn Sting-Ray what dragsters were to automobiles. In fact, the Krate name was borrowed from a popular California dragster hitting the tracks in 1968.  What really made the bike stand out was the unique stick shift mounted on the top tube, right between the seat and the handlebars they also came with articulating front suspension and floating seat.  Originally the Schwinn Sting-Ray, Krate was offered in three models: The Apple Krate (Red); the Lemon Peeler (Yellow); and the Orange Krate (Orange) and we are bringing those memories front and center later this year.


What better way to pay homage to Schwinn’s Sting-Ray and their Krate model then to proudly carry the colors, graphics and theme onto you guessed it………. M2 Machines Corvette Sting-Ray casting – coming soon in all three colors.


Ships August/September