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4" Funko Pop Protector

SKU: 5187095743

Extra Thick Heavy Duty Clear Plastic Protector Case for Funko Pop 4" Vinyl .50mm


You have invested money in your Pops! so why not protect them? We’re dedicated to helping you keep your Funko Pops! in pristine condition. We understand the rush and thrill of adding a new model to your collection. Our Funko Pop box protectors preserve your collectible toys and their original boxes! And if you have little ones around, this kid-proof case will keep their little fingers off your Funko Pop favorites.
Our Pop! protectors are custom made for the Funko Pop! 4" vinyl figure boxes. They are made from 100% archive grade acid-free PET plastic which will keep your boxes safe. Features an auto-lock bottom and a removable protective film to prevent scratching during transit.
  • KEEP YOUR POP COLLECTION SAFE: Whether you enjoy collecting Fortnite, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, or Disney Funko Pop vinyl toys, Viturio’s Pop protector will help maintain their pristine condition and keep them safe from the elements. Protect your Funko Pop collection with our bulk pack options.
  • PROTECTIVE FILM: Each Pop protector box has a special coating that helps prevent scuffs and scratches while on display or in storage!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Our Funko Pop display boxes have an auto-locking bottom that allows you to store your Funko Pop figures, bobbleheads, action figures, and other items securely. Simply unfold the hard case until it’s square. Then, place your figurine inside and seal the bottom by pushing the tabs into the designated slots.
  • THICK, STURDY MATERIAL: Viturio’s premium Pop collector cases are made from high-grade .50 mm thick plastic to withstand dents and scratches, and keep your Funko Pop toys in mint condition.
NOTE: Pop! figure in photo is for demonstration purposes only and is not included